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Official statement
on the latest malicious rumors

With current Glove Market conditions, our company has been dealing with many malicious rumors. We can assure you that our customers will not suffer from its effect.

Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Our Knowledge of The Nitrile Glove Industry

Having based ourselves on the features demanded by large companies, we have created an innovative purchase system for Nitrile Gloves now available to small and medium-sized companies.

Our keen knowledge of the Nitrile Glove industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of today’s clients. These solutions allow clients to gain access to:

• Larger Quotas of Nitrile Powder Free (non Sterile) Gloves
• Secure purchases via SBLC or Red Clause LC
• Partial shipments availability
• Becoming a Distributor
• Quality product certified by TUV Nord of BV
• On time deliveries
• One Stop Logistics services

Our Contract


The Contract is made up of 2 parties, first is the buyer whom is entering into agreement to purchase Nitrile Gloves.


Then you have GAIA Corporation and product provider whom are responsible in the contract to facilitate the production and supply the product EXW based on the Conformity document supplied in the Contract at the request of the buyer. All product guarantees and productivity is the responsibility of GAIA Corporation

How Do I Buy MSCS Nitrile Gloves?

MSCS Sales Process FlowChart

Please note these time frames are approximate based on standard procedures. All inspections are completed at the GAIA Corp warehouse prior to handover.


We love & know what we do!

Since GAIA CORPORATION (THAILAND) LIMITED was established, GAIA Corp, as a business partner, has kept all trust and business ethics with all of partners such as the suppliers, the buyers and other partners.

By our partner’s urge request, GAIA Corp is going to announce our legal right for “MSCS” brand.

“MSCS” trademarks was registered under the name of GAIA Corp in the most of countries such as USA, Canada, EU, Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

From now, GAIA Corp will do all necessary legal action if there are more rumors around. Again, GAIA Corp has the trademark registered.

Our Business


Powder Free

Nitrile Glove

GAIA Produce Nitrile Gloves with smooth donning, fine fitting, light weight, and high resistance to tear with high resistance to chemical abrasiveness. Manufacture at 10 manufacturers.


manufactured to the same specifications.



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