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About Us


We are experts in Tech & Product Procurement and Manufacturing.

We are a Thailand-based manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of high-quality disposable and examination gloves.

We represent the gateway between the East and the West businesses.

We work closely with our partners.

At this point, our company contains nearly 15 partners, ranging from rubber gloves manufacturers, Logistics partner companies to other related associations.

Our vision is to deliver our innovative and high-quality gloves on a global scale

We offer a broad range of high-quality natural nitrile disposable and examination gloves powder-free, catering to a wide range of applications, including hygiene-based operations, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food handling, and manufacturing.

GAIA Corporation has been exporting our proud products to 5 countries such as America, Japan, South Korea, China, and Europe. We have provided our innovative and high-quality products to almost 300 customers.

The success has encouraged us to continue our efforts on expanding the market, associating with our partners for more efficient production facilities, and being consistent with quality control as well as product innovation.

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Why People Choose us?

We have a outstanding track-record in delivering our clients exactly what they need, turnkey solutions from concept, developent, production, logistics and last mile delivery.

Competitive Price

All our partners price products reasonably whilst also providing the best solutions.

Quality Products

All our factories export and produce products to specification, including internationally certified production.

Our Mission

Our job is to supply you with the products and services sourced from South East Asia and the rest of world.

Our Vision

Is to bring the supply chain closer to you, from east to west. We believe in win-win solutions.

Coming soon : Scheduled to be built in 2021

Is to bring the supply chain closer to you, from east to west.

We are open for new projects & partnership.

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